Sara Arrigoni (theblessedeveryday)

I’ve loved stories and storytelling since kindergarten, and my love for photography flows out of that. I spent my college years studying journalism and writing in order to be able to share stories on paper, and then took up the camera as my storytelling art form. I feel privileged to be able to capture the details, moments, and emotions that make each person and family unique.

On the personal side, I believe…

* That God has lovingly created a world full of beauty and wonder, and that my work as an artist should reflect that love of His creation.

* That color and texture are fun to experiment with (hence my large makeup collection, even though most days I don’t wear any).

* That babies should be held close and cuddled and told they are loved, everyday.

* That my four active children will keep me young, even if the grey hairs they have added say differently.

* That it’s okay to drive my practical Forester with the windows rolled down and the music turned up, pretending it’s the sportier car of my youth.

* That a bar of salted chocolate covers a multitude of sins.